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PODCAST 07-18-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Terrence Dixon - The Auto Factory
Girl Unit - Plaza
The Egyptian Lover - Egypt Egypt
Kraftwerk - Tour de France
Blawan - Peaches
Twilight 22 - Siberian Nights
Blawan - His Money
Pearson Sound - Figment
Kassem Mosse - Workshop 12A (“the enchilada song”)
Pearson Sound - Crimson (beat ritual mix)
Pangaea - Sunset Yellow
Pearson Sound - Quivver
M.C. Luscious - Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend
Blawan - 6 to 6 Lick
The Chain - Suffer For Your Art
Joy Orbison & Boddika - Froth
Pev & Kowton - Raw Code
Actress - IWAAD
Jam City - Strawberries
Cooly G - What Airtime?
Ramadanman - Work Them
Slim Thug & Mike Jones - Still Tippin’ (Great Fairy’s Fountain Remix)

HOUR 2 (Drush 11p-12a)
NO TRACKLIST (ask for track IDs on Facebook)

PODCAST 05-02-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
James Ferraro - Intro to Cold Mixtape
Robert Hood - Assembly
Juan Atkins - Something About the Music
MC Chill - Bust This Rhyme
Actress - Krabstrakt
Joe - MB
Pev & Kowton - Junked
Cos-Ber-Zam - Ne Noya (Daphni Mix)
Terrence Dixon - Self Centered
Blawan - Getting Me Down
Julio Bashmore - Batty Knee Dance
Cosmin TRG - Bijoux
Girl Unit - Ensemble (Club Mix)
The Knife - Tooth for an Eye (Cooly G Remix)
AUX 88 feat. Akiko Murakata aka Ice Truck - Electric Underground
French Fries - One Ting Dub
James Blake - Digital Lion
Pangaea - Deviant

HOUR 2 (Tyler 11p-12a)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 04-25-2013

HOUR 1 (Paul 10p-11p)
Pye Corner Audio Transcription Services - Electronic Rhythm
Starforce - Gradient Hues
The Destiny Orchestra - Spring Rain
DJ Koze - Royal Asscher Cut
faltyDL - She Sleeps (Martyn Mix)
Arcade High - Crystal Dreams
El Ten Eleven - Lullaby (mad v Rmx)
Fhloston Paradigm - Chasing Rainbows
Pursuit Grooves - Code Dreams
Moire - Lose It (Actress Rmx)
Akufen - Bos Indicus
Funkineven & Fatima - Phoneline
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

HOUR 2 (Paul 11p-12a)
Gold Panda - Burnt-Out Car in a Forest
Perturbator - Eclipse
DJ Eleven - Last Beat (DJ Ayres Rmx Instrumental)
Bonobo - Emkay
Ikonika - PR812 (Tech House is Boring Mix)
Mondkopf - Fading Rainbow (Kangding Ray Rmx)
Young Meat - Golden Light (op1_dx_mpc_spceco)
Terrence Dixon - Navigate
Automatic Tasty - Baisteach
Xander Harris - The Driver
Schedule 3 - Break U Down
Cardopusher - So What U Want Me To Do
Pixelord - Freeze the Star VIP
Silvian Families - Mugip’11 
Dexciya - Aqua Worm Hole

PODCAST 04-18-2013

This one only comes out of one channel…

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

HOUR 2 (Nelson 11p-12a)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 04-11-2013

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

HOUR 2 (Tyler 11p-12a)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 04-04-2013

DJ Munk’s Techno-Bowl mix, Live from Bel-Mark Lanes
HOUR 1 (10p-11p)
HOUR 2 (11p-12a)

PODCAST 3-28-2013

Special Guests Yola Fatoush from London, UK performed tonight!

HOUR 1 (Yola Fatoush 10p-11p)
Check ‘em on Soundcloud
(before the Yola mix we hear Isao Tomita performing Debussy’s Arabesque No. 1, from Snowflakes are Dancing LP)
but then….
Philip Glass + Christopher - Sanctus
Fingers Inc - DIstant Planet
Vjuan Allure - Oktapussy
Madonna - Holiday
A1 - Is it gone?
Supreme High Energy - Father
Philip Glass + Christopher - Sanctus REPRISE 2 
Yola Fatoush - Are We Divided?
Popcaan - Diss Mi Fren
Eagle Eye Riddim / Ciara - Promise
C.W.M. shows you what love’s supposed to be
R.A.E’s NY - Ann Arbor train edit
DOP - Oh Yeah / Bjork - Mutual Core
Divoli Svere - C.O.U.N.T.D.O.W.N. Cunty turnt up remix / Philip + Chris reprise 3 
Boody + Leif + Mike Q + Divoli Svere - Soda
Ron Hardy - Liquid Love
Jam City - Strawberries / Petria - I Miss Your Love
Andy Stott - Leaving (hacked up)
Jeremih / schlohmo - bo peep

HOUR 2 (Paul 11p-12a)
Long Distance Poison - Signal I/II (Shawn Parke Rmx)
Villa - Mint (Intrumental Edit)
ยต-ziq - Vinxel
James T Cotton - On Time
Sticky - Pedal Riddim
Phon.O - Black Boulder (Scntst Rmx)
Vision - Vortex
M Geddes Gengras - Night Work
Marcel Dettman - Linux
K Hand - I Can’t Take You Leaving Me
Polysick - Citylights
Juju & Jordash - Powwow
Two Lone Swordsmen - Rico’s Helly

PODCAST 03-21-2013

(technical problems delayed this broadcast by about 12 minutes; skip ahead or enjoy several WCBN station IDs!)

HOUR 1 (Nelson 10p-11p)

HOUR 2 (Nelson 11p-12a)

Getcha Boi - Bicep
Finally Some Shit/The Rain Stopped - eLan/Falty DL
I Was there - F.E.A.R
If you believe_192 - DEvolution
Ikopool - Dauwd
Keep Keep - Bicep
Lazarus Taxon - Kidnap kid
vision of love - bicep
double rainbow (deadmau5 modular mayhem mix) - hungrybear9562 
be more - kidnap kid
drag ass w/swayzak - george sarah
temple keys - girl unit
wanna tell you - Village
rain (two fresh remix) - swv
2 much higher - clicks & whistles
suit & tie (julio Bashmore remix) - justin timberlake
dont walk away (jaw jam 3am dub) - jaw jam
make believe - elo method & subranger
breaking - syron
spoons - rudimental ft. mnek & syron
music sounds better with you - stardust
feel it - bicep
he loves me 2 - dj tameil
coconuts - jack dixon
succubi - araab muzik
I don’t like (k millz remix) - chief keef
annies theme (carnage festival trap remix) - afrojack
heaven - araab muzik
stay (branchez bootleg) - rhianna
takeover - village
never never - sbtrkt
waiting 4 - clicks & whistles
saviour - jack dixon

PODCAST 03-14-2013

HOUR 1 (Tyler 10p-11p)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

HOUR 2 (Tyler 11p-12a)
Tracklist Forthcoming (ask us on Facebook for track IDs)

PODCAST 03-07-2013

HOUR 1 (Zac 10p-11p)
Naphta - The War For Cheese
TNGHT - Easy Easy
Robert Hood - Stark Reality
Fatima al Qadiri - Oil Well
X-101 - X-101 track B1 
The Chain - Suffer For Your Art
Boomdogs & Krude - Cancel the Apocalypse
Pearson Sound - Piston
Minimal Man - Consexual
Kraftwerk - Computer World
Blawan - Bohla
Egyptian Lover - Egypt, Egypt
Fatima al Qadiri - Hydra
Trimbal - Confidence Boost (Harmonimix)
James Ferraro - Bags
The Bug - Murder We (feat. Ricky Ranking)
Fatima al Qadiri - Ghost Raid
Death Grips - Klink
Robert Hood - Slow Motion Katrina
Freddie Mercury - The Show Must Go On (A Capella)
Andre 3000 - My Favorite Things
James Ferraro - H.U.M2.E.R.

HOUR 2 (Guest DJ Kira P 11p-12a)
Microthal - Deceptive Behavior
Anthony Rother - RedLightDistrict
Boris Divider - People Love Machines
Anthony Rother - When the Sun Goes Down
Aux 88 - Aux Mind
DJ Godfather - First Contact
Aux 88 - Alien Life Form
Tige and Zuntherius - Sunglasses at Night
French Fries - Space and Smoke (Justin Martin Mix)
Tripmastaz - Cobra Clutch (Original Mix)
Tripmastaz - Ararat - (Pig & Dan Remix)
Tripmastaz - Roll Dat (Original Mix)
Lovebirds - The Rat DEEP HOUSE
Shadow Child - String Thing
Maceo Plex - Future Musik
Loco Dice - Definition (Original Mix)
Loco Dice - Tight Laces (Original Mix)
Maelstrom - You Play
Ben Sims - The Afterparty 2 
Technesia - Tu Isle (Soft Mix)